Steps to Set up a Canon inkjet printer via On Mac?

ij canon setup
  • Make use of the below-specified instructions to set up the Canon IJ Utility on your Mac system.
  • The initial step is to go to the manufacturer’s site and type the model number of your printer to find the printer driver.
  • Choose the OS and the version of your system if it is not selected automatically.
  • Tap the Drivers tab and select the driver file. Click the Download button to download and install it on your Mac system. Make sure you download the MP driver that contains the Canon IJ Utility package.
  • Once the download process is complete, go to the location where it is saved and double-click on the .PKG file to run it.
  • After the installation process is complete, select the Applications option from the Go menu of Finder.
  • Double-click the Canon Utilities folder and make use of the IJ Scan Utility and IJ printer Utility.

Step To Print On Canon Printer - Ij.Start.Canon

Step To Print On Windows?

  • The first step of the procedure is to check whether the Canon printer is turned on.
  • Load paper of appropriate size in the input tray after extending it.
  • The succeeding step is to open the Printer Driver Setup window on your system.
  • Select the profile that you use frequently. Choose the Quick Setup tab from the Commonly Used Settings option.
  • On choosing the printing profile of Canon IJ Setup, the Additional features, Media Type, and Paper Size values are adjusted to its original values.
  • The print quality should be set to High, Standard, or Draft based on your need.
  • The setup process has to be complete by following the guidelines displayed on your screen.
  • Tap the OK option to save the settings.
  • Open a document that you want to print by using the Canon printer and go to the File tab.
  • Select the Print option to print your documents.

Step To Print On Mac?

  • Verify whether the printer is turned on.
  • Extend the input tray and stack sheets of paper in it.
  • Choose your Canon printer model from the Print Dialog box.
  • The Paper Size should be selected in the next window. Also, select the number of copies to be printed.
  • Select the Quality and Media from the drop-down list and choose the Media Type.
  • Set the Print Quality as either High, Standard, or Draft. Read the instructions and follow them to finish the setup.
  • Open the file to print and tap the Print option.

How To Copy In IJ Canon Printer?

  • Turn on the Canon IJ Setup by using the Power button.
  • Extend the input tray and load it with papers of appropriate size.
  • The original documents should be placed on the platen.
  • Tap the Paper button to turn on the Upper Paper lamp.
  • The next step is to press the Color button for color copying or the Black button for Black & White copying.
  • If you wish to make multiple copies of the document, then tap the Color or Black button repeatedly until the desired number of copies are made.

How To Fax In Canon IJ Printer?

  • Before proceeding to the Fax process, make sure that the Canon printer is turned on.
  • Tap the Fax button from the control panel of the printer.
  • Load the documents in the platen glass or the automatic document feeder.
  • You can adjust the Scan Contrast and the Resolution if necessary.
  • With the help of the numeric buttons, you should dial the recipient’s fax or telephone number.
  • The left arrow is used to leave a space between numbers, and the right arrow is used to delete the last character that you entered.
  • If you press the # button twice, the letter P will be entered.
  • Tap the Color button for color transmission and the Black button for transmitting in black & white.
  • The Canon IJ Setup will scan the document and show a confirmation screen.
  • Press OK to send it to the respective recipient.

IJ Canon Network Device Setup Utility?

  • The Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utility will be downloaded along with the MP driver package.
  • After the download and setup process is complete, follow the steps specified to launch it.
  • If you have a Windows 10 OS, tap the Start button and choose the All Apps option. Double-click on Canon Utilities to open it and then select IJ Network Device Setup Utility.
  • On a Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 system, you have to select the IJ Network Device Setup Utility from the Start screen.
  • If you have a Windows 7 or Vista system, click the Start button and choose the All Programs option and then select Canon Utilities. Tap the IJ Network Setup Utility option to launch it.
  • In the succeeding screen that appears, select the Diagnose and Repair or the Printer Network Setup option and proceed.

IJ Canon Network Setup Tool

The Canon IJ Network Setup tool is used to configure the connection between your printer and system. Follow the below-specified instructions to set it up.

How To Run Canon IJ Network Setup Tool?

  • The initial step is to check if your device is connected to the wireless network.
  • Open the Canon IJ Network Tool on your computer.
  • Tap the OK button on the Setup Preparations screen to initialize the setup process.
  • Choose the Model from the Setup screen and then click OK. The type is listed as Canon USB.
  • Select the Access Point to be used from the Access Points screen. Enter the password and tap the Connect button.
  • Once the search for printers is complete, the Setup Completion screen appears. Select the Next option.
  • Now tap Next on the Connection Performance Measurement window.
  • Choose the Finish option and select your printer in the next screen, and then click the Add button.
  • The setup is complete after you add the printer.

Canon IJ Wireless Setup

  • Place the installation CD in the drive and close it.
  • Tap the Next option in the initial screen that appears. Click Next again.
  • In the Connection Method Selection screen, choose the type as Wireless Connection.
  • Check if your Canon IJ Setup printer is turned on and ensure that the power lamp is lit.
  • Select the Connect to the Network option in the succeeding screen.
  • Next, choose the Cableless Setup button and then press the Wi-Fi button present on the printer. Wait until the orange light flashes twice.
  • Click the Next button once the Wi-Fi lamp changes to green color.
  • Select your region in the proceeding screen and then tap Next.
  • Choose Next again after selecting the Place of Residence.
  • In the succeeding screen, choose the software that you want to install on your computer.
  • Agree to the User License Agreement by clicking the Yes button.
  • Press the Complete button once the Setup Completion screen appears.

Starting IJ Scan Utility

The Canon IJ Scan Utility can be launched on your system by following the guidelines specified on this website.

How To Start IJ Scan Utility In Windows?


  • Select All Apps option from the Start menu and select the Canon Utilities option. Tap IJ Scan Utility to open it.
  • If you are not able to find it, key in IJ Scan Utility in the search bar.


  • From the Start screen, choose the IJ Scan Utility option.


  • Choose the All Programs option from the Start menu and then tap the Canon Utilities option.
  • Click the IJ Scan Utility to open it on your computer. Printer Wi-fi

  • Your Canon printer can be connected to the wireless network with the help of the WPS connection method also.
  • The instructions listed out here will tell you how to set up the printer by using the WPS method.
  • Prior to the setup process, check if you have met the following conditions.
  • The access point that you are about to use should have a WPS Push button.
  • The network that you will connect your printer to should use a WPA or WPA2 security protocol.
  • Check if the Canon printer is turned on.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button present on the control panel and hold it until the Alarm Lamp flashes.
  • After the lamp flashes blue, you have to press the WPS button on your access point.
  • After searching for a while, the Power and Wi-Fi lights will start flashing when the connection is being made.
  • Once the connection is established, the lights will stop blinking and become steady.
  • Print the Network Settings page if you want to check the connection.
  • Load A4 size sheets in the input tray. Press the Resume/Cancel button until the light near it flashes for 15 times and then release it.
  • The Network Information page is then printed. Check the Connection option to verify whether Active is displayed next to it.
  • The WPS setup procedure on Canon IJ Setup is now complete.

How Do I Find The Canon IJ Printer Utility?

  • To launch the Canon IJ Printer Utility on your system, make use of the steps given here.
  • Launch the System Preferences menu and choose the Print & Scan (Print & Fax) option.
  • Click the Canon IJ Printer Utility option to open it.
  • Choose your model from the list of printers and tap Options & Supplies.
  • Select the Open Printer Utility option present under the Utility tab.
  • The Canon IJ Printer Utility will be launched on your system.
ij canon driver setup

How Do I Find The Canon IJ Printer Utility?

How To Start IJ Scan Utility in Mac?

  • Once you have downloaded the IJ Scan Utility software, the next step is to start it.
  • Switch to the Finder window on your Mac dialog box and click the Applications option.
  • Double-click on the Canon Utilities folder and then select the Canon IJ Scan Utility folder.
  • Initiate the IJ Scan Utility by clicking on the Canon IJ Scan Utility2 icon.

Canon IJ Setup iPhone

  • Utilize the AirPrint feature to carry out the Print function from your iPhone.
  • Make sure that your iPhone operates in the latest version of the operating system.
  • Ensure that your Canon device is powered On and linked to the WLAN network.
  • From the application available on your iPhone, touch the Operation icon to open the display menu options.
  • Select the Print button and then choose the model of your Canon printer from the Printer Options dialog box.
  • Specify the number of required copies by touching the - or + buttons.
  • If needed, enable the Duplex printing option by tapping On. Else, disable the Duplex printing feature by selecting the Off button.
  • If the file to be printed has many pages, choose Range and select the All Pages option.
  • Else, tap the range of pages that have to be printed and then touch the Print option.

Canon IJ Setup Android

  • Use the Canon Print Inkjet or Selphy application to connect the Android device to your Canon printer.
  • It also functions as a portal to manage all the Canon IJ Setup settings.
  • You can also use the app to monitor the status of your print operation.
  • Switch to the Google Play store on your Android phone and then download the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy app.
  • After the application is downloaded, open the same and touch the Document Print option.
  • Select the document that you need to print and then specify the correct print settings.
  • Tap the Print option to start the printing.

Setting Up IJ Canon Printer With USB

  • Insert the CD that was shipped with your Canon printer in the computer’s external drive.
  • Else, get the driver for the Canon printer for free from the manufacturer’s page.
  • Double-click on that specific software file and choose the Start Setup button in the Initial screen that appears on your Personal Computer.
  • Select the Next button. Study the agreement settings on the License Agreement dialog box and then click the Yes option.
  • The installation will fail if you click the No button.
  • Read the data that you have requested on the Extended Survey Program dialog box.
  • Click on either the Agree or Disagree option. The Setup app will process information for a few seconds.
  • Choose Next on the Please Allow All Install Wizard Processes screen.
  • Click the Radio button for USB on the Select Connection Method window.
  • Select Next and the software will get installed.
  • After a few seconds, you will be instructed to insert the USB cord between your system and Canon printer.
  • The Installer will detect your Canon printer.
  • Go with the on-screen instructions and click Next on the Setup Complete window.
  • Select all the software and apps that you wish to install and click the Exit option after the installation process is complete.

Canon Printer Setup On Chromebook

  • Power On your Canon IJ Setup printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Tap the Menu button and choose the Web Service option, and then touch OK.
  • Select Web Service Setup and then tap the OK button.
  • Now, select Cloud Settings, then press OK, and then choose the Google Cloud Print Setup option.
  • Tap the OK button and touch the Register with Google Cloud Print option.
  • Press OK, then select the Yes button, and then choose OK again.
  • Tap the preferred language for the print settings and press OK.
  • Now, confirm whether enough papers are loaded inside your printer’s cassette.
  • Begin printing the authentication URL page by touching the OK option.
  • Now, choose Yes and then tap OK. After 14 minutes, type the URL in a browser, else scan the QR code.
  • If instructed, log into your Google account and press the Finish Printer Registration option.
  • Print a sample page to verify whether the setup was done successfully.
  • Sign into the Google account by entering your email id and password on your Chromebook device.
  • Open the text or image, else visit any web page that you wish to print.
  • Choose the Print command and select the name of your Canon printer that is registered with the Cloud Print service.
  • Print the file. This completes the setup process.
setup a Canon IJ printer?

Canon IJ Scan Utility Free Download

Users can download the Canon IJ Scan Utility software for free of cost from the Canon IJ Setup manufacturer’s site. It is available in the MP Driver package. Make sure to install the driver that is compatible with the version of OS used on your Personal Computer or laptop.

Run The IJ Scan Utility

Once you download the IJ Scan Utility software, the next step to be done is to run it. The procedure on how to run the IJ Scan Utility software on your Mac or Windows system is listed below.

Run The IJ Scan Utility On a Windows Computer

  • Make use of the IJ Scan Utility software to perform the scan job from the Windows Personal Computer quickly and easily.
  • Go to the official website and enter the model of your Canon scanner or printer in the Enter a mode text field.
  • From the drop-down list box, choose your device and then click the Go option.
  • Ensure that you have chosen the correct operating system under the Drivers & Downloads section.
  • Locate the MP drivers for your device in the Drivers tab and then choose the Select button available at the right side of the screen.
  • Save the downloaded file on your Windows system by selecting the Download option.
  • Once the download is complete, double-click on that particular file to start the installation.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to finish the process.
  • To run the IJ Scan Utility software, choose IJ Scan Utility in the correct location.
  • Windows 8: Click IJ Scan Utility on the Start dialog box.
  • If you cannot find IJ Scan Utility, select the Search Charm and then search for the IJ Scan Utility tool.
  • Windows 10: On the Start window, select the All Apps option and click Canon Utilities.
  • Choose the IJ Scan Utility option. If the option is not available, enter IJ Scan in the search field.
  • For Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 computers, from the Start screen, choose the All Programs option.
  • Choose Canon Utilities, then find IJ Scan Utility and click on it to start the software.

Run The IJ Scan Utility On a Mac Computer

  • On your Mac Personal Computer, launch any browser and then go to the manufacturer’s site.
  • Enter the model of your Canon IJ Setup device in the address field and then select the Go option.
  • Select the operating system version used on your Mac system from the drop-down menu and select the Firmware, Software, or Drivers tab.
  • Choose the Select option that is present next to the name of the software or driver that you wish to download.
  • Once you click Select, it turns to a Close option. Store the file by clicking Download.
  • After the download ends, double-tap on the file from the Downloads location.
  • Now, double-click on the .pkg file. Now, initiate the IJ Scan Utility software on the Mac desktop.
  • Choose the Applications option from the Go menu of the Finder dialog box.
  • Double-click on the Canon Utilities folder, then select IJ Scan Utility and then begin IJ Scan Utility by choosing the Canon IJ Scan Utility 2 icon.

Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX

Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX software lets users select the printer or scanner that is used for performing the Print functions from the Personal Computer. You can get the tool for free from an authorized web page. Once the installation is done, the IJ Network Scanner EX displays in the notification area of the computer.

How To Run Canon IJ Network Tool To Configure The Connection ?

  • Verify whether the Canon device and the Personal Computer are connected to the same SSID.
  • Begin the IJ Network Tool.
  • Once the Network Tool finishes the search process, choose the Setup option in the drop-down list box available on the upper left of the Mac window.
  • Click the OK button on the Setup Preparations dialog box.
  • Select the name of your Canon IJ Setup pop-up window.
  • Choose OK and the type will be shown as Canon USB.
  • Select the access point you wish to utilize on the Access Points window and type the network key in the correct field.
  • Now, click on the Connect button. Once the printers are searched, the Setup Completion window appears on the desktop.
  • Choose Next and select the Next button again on the Connection Performance Measurement dialog box.
  • Once the measurement is complete, choose Finish.
  • Select your Canon printer’s name and then click on the Add button.
  • Once you have done the above procedure, unplug the USB cable from your Canon printer.

Canon IJ Driver Installer Has Stopped

  • An error message that states that the Utility software has stopped working gets displayed on your computer.
  • Choose the Settings option on the Start dialog box and click Device, and then select the Printers & Scanners option.
  • Disable the Let Windows Manage My Default Printer feature below the Printers & Scanners window.
  • Reinstall all the MP software and remove all the unwanted icons, and then print a test sheet.

Canon IJ Scan Utility Not Working

  • Make sure that your Canon printer is powered On.
  • If you are utilizing a USB connection, connect the USB cord to a different port on your Personal Computer.
  • Make sure not to insert the USB cord into a hub or docking station.
  • If the Canon printer is linked to the system through a wireless network, ensure that it is functioning properly.
  • Restart your Windows or Mac computer. Confirm whether the MP drivers have launched.
  • If not, remove the driver from your system and reinstall the latest version from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Now, perform a scan job to verify whether the Canon IJ Setup Scan Utility software is working properly.
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